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Bastion – EDC Gentleman’s Gear – Gentleman Stainless Steel EDC Comb

Bastion EDC

The Gentleman Stainless Steel EDC Comb is part of Bastion’s EDC Gentlemen’s Gear line. Made of polished, hand brushed stainless steel, this comb is virtually unbreakable, and features a 1″ diameter on the pocket clip for fitting through any gear or loop, in addition to sporting a 3/8″ lanyard hole. Seems like the perfect comb for grooming any operator-grade beard.



3 Responses to “Bastion – EDC Gentleman’s Gear – Gentleman Stainless Steel EDC Comb”

  1. ERIK says:


    Buy 25 “Unbreakable” USA made combs for less than $20 vs $25 cost of this heavier BS consumer nonsense. -search “USA unbreakable comb amazon” on google or go to a local hair store. (I carry one everyday in my back pocket…replace once a year)

    Just comb your hair the way your grand father did, with a plastic comb you don’t give a F*** about breaking or losing.

    We are turning into chicks with all these over expensive accessories… Next up is the Tactical Purse ! (I mean EDC /CCW TactiCool MEN’s Shoulder Bag)

  2. mike says:

    Yeah! Our grandfathers got by without computers, semi-auto handguns, and portable phones too! Only pussies use those things! Girls!

    Or maybe since we’re living in the future we can move forward and buy nice things if we like them. Buy 25 combs if you like, I’d rather get one and hang on to it. Great thing about America is that we can both do it our way and both be right!

  3. Patrick says:

    Not only can you both not be right, but since you disagree, you must now fight to the death!


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