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Titaner – Lotus Tactical Pen


Last time I wrote about Titaner, I featured their Machined Capsule. This time, we’re taking a look at their Lotus Tactical Pen. The Lotus Tactical Pen is machined from a solid titanium rod, making it robust yet lightweight (~1.1 oz.). It comes with a standard ballpoint pen refill, and the Lotus DNA Catcher, a striking point designed to retain a DNA sample for future identification.


As a special offer to Tactical Fanboy readers, Titaner has provided a unique 20% off voucher code (with free international shipping) – TACTICALFANBOY20. Enter the code at the shopping cart page to apply the discount.



One Response to “Titaner – Lotus Tactical Pen”

  1. D.B. says:

    Funny, after all these years and numerous customer complaints they still stick to their “signature” engraving style which looks like a 4-year old learning to write basic letters.

    Great product but that silly logo simply puts me off.

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