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‘Downfall’ Of The ACR

Now over a year old, the ‘Hitler Downfall’ meme is pretty dead, and so was this vid as far as we knew. YouTube at one point had pulled all of the videos, including this one. It was used to lampoon all sorts of stuff but it’s a rare situation when the subject being parodied had to do with the tactical industry. We originally posted it around SHOT Show last year when the ACR was finally released to a market weary of a rough economy and high priced guns. On that note, behold as Hitler rages about the ACR’s high price point! Everyone was up in arms about it back then but now a year later, accepts the price as part of doing business. Hope this gets your SHOT Show juices flowing, but beware, the subtitles are NSFW.

The video is also available on Youtube in a higher quality, but isn’t availabe for embedding. You can watch it here.

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