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Halo: Reach Launch Party

<a rel=”attachment wp-att-15402″ href=”http://soldiersystems.net/?attachment_id=15402″><img title=”Believe it or not, this is a chick… and she games [and eats] competitively.” src=”https://soldiersystems.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Reach-Event-0071-322×430.jpg” alt=”” width=”322″ height=”430″ /></a>

 I recently attended one of the many midnight launch parties for Halo: Reach thrown at various retail outlets across the States. Not sure what to expect, I found the local GameStop where I pre-ordered my copy already full of people barely after 10:00 P.M. I prepaid, got my pickup number, and waited in the store. There was pizza and soda, but very little in the way of entertainment; Halo Legends was playing along with the same continuous loop of Halo: Reach related videos, so I spent most of my time conversing with the other fans in attendance about the game itself. About fifteen minutes before twelve, we were all told to wait outside the store in number order. The first ten people got Reach related swag in the form of a poster or display item. I was number 25, so I got jack. Even so, not a bad night at all. 

Since we were allowed in only 5 at a time, I had to wait a little after midnight to get my long-awaited copy, but when I finally did, I rushed home and started to play. This is definitely the best Halo title yet.  And no, I didn’t get her digits.

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