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Homefront: The Voice of Freedom

‘Homefront: The Voice of Freedom’ by John Milius and Raymond Benson is a pretty good read. It details the actions of Ben Walker, a journalist turned resistance fighter and underground radio personality called ‘The Voice of Freedom’ during a Korean occupation of the United States. Wait, what? That’s right, in the fiction of Homefront, North Korea, led by Kim Jong-Il’s son, Kim Jong-Un, ‘peacefully’ reunifies with the South and the ‘Greater Korean Republic’ quickly begins annexing most of Asia, becoming a world power. During the same time period, the USA suffers economically, socially, and militarily, making it a shadow of what it once was. Then the ‘Norks’ get ballsy and launch a cyber attack and an EMP on the US, invade, and quickly start trying to take control of all its resources. And of course they encounter pockets of US resistance, who are hopelessly outmatched, but are driven on by the American spirit. Hell yeah!

While I can’t tell if it’s a straight-up prequel to the upcoming game, or if the events are parallel, I will tell you it’s a good introduction to the story. Homefront releases March 8th.

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