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Batman: Arkham City “This Ain’t No Place For A Hero”

With a proper blend of action and story, Rocksteady released what was truly the first great Batman game, Batman: Arkham Asylum, in 2009. Now, they’re planning to do it again with the upcoming sequel, Batman: Arkham City. Since the events of the last game, Warden Quincy Sharp, now the Mayor of Gotham, bought out large portions of the city’s slums and had them converted into a pseudo-prison housing both the inmates of Blackgate prison and Arkham asylum, with a private military contractor serving as the guards. In addition to this madness, the warden of the new Arkham is Hugo Strange, a dangerous and calculating individual that has deduced Batman’s true identity. From this video, it looks as though the game is coming along nicely, and new features such as an updated ‘detective mode’, improved combat, and improved mobility are much welcome additions. Arkham City doesn’t come out until October, so there’s plenty of time left to finalize and perfect the game, which is both a blessing and a curse. After all, who wants to wait to hear Mark Hamill’s expertly performed Joker this one last time?

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