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Flypmode Wins XC2V Challenge

Local Motors ran a design contest in which readers were tasked with developing a vehicle for DARPA’s XC2V (Experimental Crowd-Derived Combat-support Vehicle) Challenge. Of all the entries, Victor Garcia’s Flypmode was chosen as first prize, netting him $7500 and his vehicle design becoming an actual DARPA prototype. Other noteworthy designs were second place winner Marc Senger’s Kratos ($1500 prize) and third place winner Romain Chareyre’s Sentinel ($1000 prize). For what I assume is just a simple coincidence, check out the Sentinel. It looks fairly close to the Warthog from Halo, sans chaingun.

Thanks to reader Giovani FarLords for the tip.


One Response to “Flypmode Wins XC2V Challenge”

  1. Giovani says:

    Thanks for featuring Local Motors and its competition/collab with DARPA. FYI, LM was started and currently operated under a US Marine. Here’s their post on the competition.

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