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Iranian Wookiee Army

Did the world-wide Star Wars fan club finally form its own army? Survey says: no. Instead, this display of gillie suits is in celebration of Iran’s annual Army Day, where Iranian soldiers of every branch march to display their military “might”, whether that be with flowers in their guns, or as a parade of furries.

Thanks to dailymail.co.uk for the original story, and the images this article relates to.

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2 Responses to “Iranian Wookiee Army”

  1. Deepy says:

    can anyone identify their weapons? looks like some kind of longer barreled AK with 10-rounds mag.

  2. Jeff says:

    The rifle may be a SVDK, or not? Hard to tell with the jute all over the weapon.

    What’s with the black suits? Are they decoy’s for the better hid sniper. Talk about silhouetted…

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