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Transforming Home

What seems to be a mild-mannered concrete block is actually…

A super home! Fighting for truth, justice, and the American way!

Well, not really. Instead, it’s The Safe House. Designed by architecture firm KWK Promes, this 6,100 sq. ft. fortress is designed with no safety feature left unimplemented. A series of security codes are required just for entry, which leads to the ‘safety zone’, an area surrounded by concrete walls. As the home opens, a drawbridge lowers connecting it to an indoor swimming pool while walls and shutters open, and a rolling aluminum gate opens to an expansive garden view.

No word on pricing, or if its even available for purchase, but if I got a hold of that property, I’d paint ‘BAT CAVE’ in big, sloppy letters on the side, and hide a bunch of cool, million-dollar gadgets inside.

Thanks to Scottsdale Gun Club. You can see more on the home here.

4 Responses to “Transforming Home”

  1. John Haynes says:

    I’m sure even though all of the security, it probably has a safe room and bomb shelter! I would love to own a home like this!

  2. Mike Clary says:

    Wow now thats what I want ! I bet it would be great in the midwest and plains region especially Tornado Alley. I’d definitely want a panic room and armory room inside, with closed circuit security systems and a water dump at the front door for people I don’t want visiting.

  3. Yowza says:

    It needs sharks with lasers on their foreheads

  4. Mike says:

    Wish, Wish, Wish is my life story….Would be nice to own if someone else was paying for it…..Yes, I just found out to win the BIG LOTTO you had to buy a ticket….Wonder will never cease…I live in Atlanta, GA area and that is something we all need here…33 years in Law Enforcement and retired now would be nice to be able to afford that type of Home with the way the World in going down hill…..Watch your “6”.

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