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Advanced Outfitters Badge Sling

One of the best things about attending a floor show is wearing a media badge. And one of the best things about wearing a media badge is accompanying it with a great sling. In comes the Advanced Outfitters Badge Sling. Although info is very sparse at the moment, you can bet I’ll be keeping my eye out for this if and when it become available.

Update: Will be available at Blade Show for $12 each. Will be available for retail after that.



2 Responses to “Advanced Outfitters Badge Sling”

  1. Dave says:

    Oh g-d. Don’t show this to any of the interns on Capital Hill. They will develop their own category of “Pretentiously Tacti-cool.”

  2. trailmix says:

    glad you like it. the badge sling is a prime example of our “medium speed, moderate drag” philosophy. it’s made in north georgia, adjustable, uses mil-spec webbing and a mash hook. after making khyber belts and SLing-ONEs all week long, i needed to do something different. i’m sure you’ll see plenty around blade show this year.

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