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Diane McInerney Of Inside Edition Trains Like A Navy SEAL

Diane McInerney of Inside Edition recently spent a day training with instruction from former SEALs Don Shipley and Lalo Roberti at the Extreme SEAL Experience outside Norfolk, VA. During the simulation, Diane wore around 60 pounds of equipment in addition to going through tactical training similar to that which SEAL Team Six went through before the raid on UBL’s compound. The exercise included how to infiltrate a building using a rope ladder, climb the side of a building, and crash through a window, with REAL glass, boots first. Quite the impressive feat (no pun intended).

Original story – insideedition.com

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One Response to “Diane McInerney Of Inside Edition Trains Like A Navy SEAL”

  1. Lynda McIntyre says:

    I’m inspired by your courage to step out and see what others go through especially our soldiers and heroes. THANK YOU!

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