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Cold Steel Gladius Machete

Cold Steel offers their own take on the iconic Roman Gladius. Made from 1055 carbon steel, the blade is a full 19″ of hand sharpened wickedness, perfect for both piercing and slashing. This Gladius features an extra wide full tang and the handle is made of high impact Polypropylene, with the classic guard and ball shaped pommel. It also comes with a cordura sheath and belt loop, in case you need your blade at your side, or you happen to be putting together a modern spin on the classic Legionary uniform.

Buy it here.


One Response to “Cold Steel Gladius Machete”

  1. JonMac says:

    Good idea, although that secondary bevel edge makes baby Maximus weep. Partly why it’s so cheap though. A decent replica (sharp) gladius costs several times more.

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