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Loyalty To The Duke Has Its Rewards

Duke Nukem First Access Club members really do get all the best perks.

First, The exclusive DNF demo was up for grabs just hours ago. After getting my code, I anxiously awaited for the hefty 1.53 GB file to download to my Xbox. What followed was a brief but satisfying tribute to those old school ‘Build engine’ FPS, full of fast-paced action, awesome one-liners, fun weapons, and crude humor; in other words, an extremely deserving sequel to Duke Nukem 3D. My favorite loading screen help message was something along the lines of ‘Grabbing a turd from a toilet won’t decrease your Ego, even though we really wanted it to’, and the first weapon you get a hold of, the Devestator, has a 69 missile capacity. Remember, crude humor.

Another awesome perk for being a part of the FAC is getting the first multiplayer add-on pack for free. First Access Club members who register their codes before 11:59 PM (time zone not given) on June 9th in Europe and June 14th in the USA will later receive a code to get the first Premium multiplayer add-on pack for DNF, tentatively priced at $9.99, or 800 Microsoft points. Although the contents of said pack aren’t reveled yet, likely bonuses include new maps and/or accessories for your in-game Duke MP avatar. I guess it pays to be loyal, especially for a game 12 years in the making.

Duke Nukem Forever drops June 10th in Europe and June 14th in the USA.

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