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King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: Dark Lord Of The Sith

In this blast from the past (2007, to be a bit more exact), the Welsh Guard Band protested the Royal visit of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia by playing the Imperial March from Star Wars. Abdullah was none the wiser, but you can bet there was more than one person in the crowd snickering as he passed by. There is a longer version of the video with a more in-depth look as to why his visit was contested, human rights violations being a primary reason, but this heavily condensed version shows the best part.

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One Response to “King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: Dark Lord Of The Sith”

  1. Grayson says:

    The first thing that went through my mind, almost as fast as the soda pop through my nose, was a quote from THAT movie….

    ‘The Imperial Senate will not sit still for this! When they hear you’ve…’

    Any other quotes appropriate for the occasion?

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