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WIKUS Competition Chopper – BLADE Show

Mantis Knives had some great-looking blades on display, but the one that really caught my eye was the WIKUS. With a total weight of 24 oz. and an overall length of 15″ with a 10″ blade made from M-4 tool steel, it doesn’t seem all that different from most knives, aside from the rather large size. However, it’s been billed as the ‘world’s first “smart” knife’ due to a unique feature: it’s laser guided.

By pushing a button on the handle, the WIKUS projects a red laser beam downward, showing exactly where you’ll make your cut. At the very least it’s an interesting concept, but I’ll let you make your own conclusions about the usefulness of that feature. I also saw nothing about availability and pricing, but I’ll release that information as it surfaces.

Mantis Knives

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  1. Frank says:

    Hi: That it really cool! Do you have any information where to buy this knife? I could not find anything on the web.

    Best regards,

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