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Arma2 Free

Arma2, the well-known, highly customizable military simulator program, is now free… if you don’t mind a few missing features. What it does have: free military simulation with accurate battlefield simulation including bullet ballistics and material penetration, a comprehensive range of 300+ weapons, units, and vehicles, multiplayer with 50+ players and hundreds of AI controlled units in large-scale maps, free dedicated server support for Linux and Windows OS users, and mission editors and advanced scripting. What it’s missing: HD graphics, support for user mods (no money, no MultiCam), the story campaign, Operation Arrowhead, and BAF and PMC addons. Basically, it’s not missing much, feature-wise, and the price is right, so I know I’ll give it a shot. It’ll be out sometime this month.

Arma2 Free

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  1. Jeff says:

    I own ARMA2, and getting it free is incredible. If you like realistic war games that require teamwork and critical thinking, this is the game for you. The only other game, that I’m aware of, that’s similar is Battlefield: Europe. In some ways, that’s even better than ARMA (100% player CoC, enormous map, theatre-wide coordination, and player-run logistical support), but it’s also set in WW2, so if modern is your thing, this is the best game I can think of.

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