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Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

I went and saw Transformers 3 yesterday, and I liked it. But instead of writing paragraph after paragraph explaining who would benefit most from paying $8.50 (or whatever it costs to see a movie where you live), a simple list seemed like the best option. So, without further ado:

See it if you like:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
– Fighting Robots
– Good 3D
– To laugh (Ken Jeong (Jerry Wang), Julie White (Judy Witwicky), John Malkovich (Bruce Brazos), Alan Tudyk (Dutch), random sayings peppered throughout the film by Autobot and Decepticon alike)
– Explosions
– Leonard Nemoy
– More explosions
– Wingsuits
– Even more explosions
– Good CGI
– Autobots blowing up an illegal Iranian nuclear plant
– Freedom!

Don’t see it if:

– You’re looking for an extensive and well thought out plot.
– You hate explosions

Really, it’s mindless Summer action cinema at its best. If you’re looking for that, then you might just enjoy Dark of the Moon. For everyone else, go see Cars 2.


2 Responses to “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon”

  1. jimmy bean says:

    its was cool and a great looking film…BUT the main part of the plot bringing Cybertron to Earth was a 3 part mini series called the Ultimate Doom in season one of the G1 transformers look it up im not kidding.

  2. red2alpha73 says:

    I think I remember that mini series, jimmy. Looking forward to seeing the movie. I hope Barricade, my favorite Decepticon from the first movie, makes a return.

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