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This video by youtuber ‘derekgrebner87‘ AKA Tex Grebner shows that anyone can suffer from a negligent discharge. Tex may not have made the video for sympathy or to be ridiculed, but I couldn’t help but laugh a little. This was of course after wincing when that bullet entered his leg.

To his credit, he has pretty good reason as to how the negligent discharge happened. That’s why I stick with Glocks. There’s no chance to disengage the safety while drawing, unless you’re stupid enough to put your finger on the trigger pre-maturely.

Hat Tip: nghtrgr

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  1. Millspecmoron says:

    I’m loving his A-TACS cowboy hat, it’s sweet as shit

  2. Bo says:

    Whether the safety in on or off, the gun still won’t fire UNLESS YOU PUT YOUR FINGER ON THE TRIGGER. The 1st rule of gun safety? Keep your finger straight and off the trigger UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO FIRE. Complacency kills.

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