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World’s Only Turbine Powered Batmobile

Built by Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing, this Batmobile is powered by a military spec 385 hp Boeing turboshaft engine from a naval drone helicopter driving the rear wheels through a semi automatic gearbox. It also features a custom tube frame/monocoque chassis with fully independent suspension, disc brakes, and a sequential shifter. It runs on kerosene, diesel, or jet fuel and has a power to weight ration comparable to a Dodge Viper. Thankfully, it’s very close in design to the 1989 Michael Keaton Batmobile, which is great, because that movie was actually watchable.

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2 Responses to “World’s Only Turbine Powered Batmobile”

  1. Manny says:

    That thing is pretty badass! I would go pick up my work shirts from the cleaners in that thing….

  2. […] a quick update on that totally sweet turbine powered Batmobile built by Casey Pusch I wrote about a while ago. It turns out he’s currently putting it up for sale on eBay to help fund other projects. […]

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