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Captain America Propaganda Posters

Commissioned by Mondo, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema‚Äôs collectible art boutique, this is one of a set of four promotional posters made for the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger. Created by Eric Tan and Olly Moss, the posters depict propaganda on the part of both Captain America and the main antagonist organization HYDRA. The posters are available in extremely limited quantities and apparently only at Comic Con, so if you’re not there, then you’re out of luck.

Hat Tip: Wired.com


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3 Responses to “Captain America Propaganda Posters”

  1. IH8Commies says:

    This art is too reminiscent of the USSR propaganda communist war machine of the Cold War…also its the pro Obama artists putting their socialistic view on a true American icon such as Captain America. This art sucks! Damn you Socialist realism! Damn you to hell you communist hippie American hating scum! Boycott this garbage art and smash the reds!!

  2. Yowza says:

    Relax Francis, you need to get laid. You’re wound just a wee bit too tight.

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