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Advanced Outfitters at BLADE Show

This is video of Kevin Martin of Advanced Outfitters demonstrating the company’s showings at BLADE Show 2011, including the new Khyber belts, adjustable weapons sling and badge sling.


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9 Responses to “Advanced Outfitters at BLADE Show”

  1. trailmix says:

    after seeing this, i now know that i really need a spokesmodel.

  2. Rembrandt says:

    Kevin, what was your slogan, “Medium Speed, Moderate Drag”? That’s badass.

  3. trailmix says:

    thanks. we like it too and it seems to fit us.

  4. tomaso says:

    Kevin< you did a great job presenting your product….now id love to see a hottie do product demonstrations…but they have to know the product in deapth…not read from a script…and most dont do it well …they look great till they open thier mouths..lol

  5. trailmix says:

    thanks tomaso, i appreciate it.

  6. trailmix says:

    I forgot to mention that we are also on twitter @advoutfitters. I post up when new things are coming down the pipes or items like the Pocket Organizer – ONE are in stock.

  7. upchuck says:

    great demo on video; want to see some hi-res images of the sling, interested in the thing belt, and for no reason other than to simply have it I’m interested in the badge holder… but how the hell am I supposed to look at or order anything when nothing is on your site?

  8. gunnertwo says:


    Looking good! Nice quick review on your items.


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