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Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival Mode Trailer

Gears of War calls it Horde, Halo calls it Firefight, and Treyarch developed CoD games gave it a unique twist by introducing zombies, but whatever you call it ‘Survival Mode’ is a staple of the modern gaming experience, especially in the FPS market. Now, an Infinity Ward developed CoD title is getting the treatment, and they’ve put own unique features to try and make it their own. For starters, you earn cash for kills that can be put towards new weapons, ammunition, perks and airdrops/assists. AI-controlled Delta Squad, anyone? Along with this, later rounds introduce suicide soldiers and dogs, who explode the C4 strapped to their person if they get too close to the player or are killed, and the Juggernauts, characters featured in MW2’s Spec-Ops mode who wore EOD suits, toted LMGs and took a lot of punishment before they finally died.

Besides showing off the features of the new mode, several new weapons and attachments were also revealed, including the red dot sight used in CoD4 along with the MW2 variant (maybe they’ll be selectable based on preference, like the rds/holo/reflex in games past?), another long range scope attachment (or that could just be the Remington RSASS; went by a bit too fast to tell) and several new weapons: if you pause around 0:38-0:40 you’ll notice the USAS 10 (a South Korean made automatic shotgun with a detachable box magazine, featured in Bad Company 2), M16A4 and M60E4 are included in the game. In addition, the Remington ACR is chambered in this game for 6.8 mm Remington SPC instead of 5.56, at least that’s what the in-game name ‘ACR 6.8’ seems to imply.

MW3 drops November 8th, 2011

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