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Defusable Clock

Despite its looks, this is mostly an ordinary clock with a beeping alarm, snooze button, ect. When the red button is pressed however, it acts like a good old fashioned Hollywood-esque 10-second countdown bomb, which you can “defuse” by cutting one of four wires, which are randomly assigned each time (makes for good EOD practice, eh?). The wires themselves are attached with screw terminals for easy replacement. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these, but are understandably worried about having something shaped like an explosive sent through the mail to your address, don’t fret too much. The set’s being sold as an electronics kit, so some creativity will have to come into play to make it more bomb-like.

Nootropic Design


3 Responses to “Defusable Clock”

  1. Chris says:

    Cool, except EOD doesn’t cut random wires

  2. world clock says:

    Defusable Clock Tactical Fanboy – just great!

  3. worldclock says:

    Defusable Clock Tactical Fanboy – just great!

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