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“Son Of A Gun” Watch » Son of a Gun Watch 2

One Response to “Son of a Gun Watch 2”

  1. Antonio says:

    yeah cool that’s about like me , though i fall back on the xbox 360 conrtol probably way less than you do from the sound of it , i’m a mouse and key baord man myself !. I really onl;y ahve the xbox 360 for stuf i can’t get on pc , like splatter house, halo , brutal legend , or stuff that doesnt play well on pc sucha sKortal kombat , SFVI , and soul calibur. but well curently my 2008 gaming pc is starting to show it’s age and i’m far from the money i need for updates meh lol you wouldn’t happen to havea spare AM phenom 9600 cpu laying around that you can give me .. it’s the best my main board can take but would be a helluva upgrade over my dual core. any way cheers bro and game on !

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