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Preview – Tac Girl Of The Week

ALCON: You will no doubt be happy to know that Soldier Systems, in conjunction with Tactical Fanboy, good karma and the pagan gods of who favor hawt girls with guns will be featuring a Tac Girl of the Week. As you may already know, the Tac Girls calendar, from HBL Productions has since its inception paired attractive women up with kewl weapons. They are also a long-time supporter of American Snipers and other military charities. What you might not be aware of is the caliber (pun intended) of the women themselves, most of whom actually enjoy shooting. These aren’t girls selected just for their looks. There are Tac Girls models who shoot competitively, who are pursing their Master’s Degree, who run their own business – hell, one of them is now a United States Deputy Marshal! Stay tuned here for the upcoming feature, Tac Girl of the Week from the Tac Girls Calendar 2012.

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    More of this, please.

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