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Short Bus Door Gunner

High Speed Gear Inc. has a new morale patch out that will no doubt strike a chord with some folks – one has to wonder whether it will be more popular as a morale patch bought for themselves or purchased as a gift to reflect someone’s esteem for that short bus doorgunner every platoon, team or unit has. As HSGI says, Everyone knows a Short Bus Doorgunner. Available at HSGI for $5. One color only right now, but hopefully at some point we’ll see it in some more true camo color versions. Check out HSGI on Facebook.

Picture courtesy of NolaTac.com. Thanks fellas.

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5 Responses to “Short Bus Door Gunner”

  1. Grayson says:

    Fanboy…. you flaming sonova….

    You might just owe me a new keyboard considering how much iced tea I spewed through my nose. This morale patch really kicked over my giggle box.

    By the way, who do you think would win in a deathmatch between a short bus doorgunner and a tactical trunk monkey?
    Just curious.

  2. Grayson says:

    Hey, Fanboy:

    This morale patch thing is about to get interesting.
    Just got off the phone with a buddy who wants to see (and I quote):
    A “Hot Wheels Trunk Monkey” patch, for his kid (whose favorite TV show seems to be ‘Top Shot’. Go figure.)

    Kicked my giggle box, for a while. Then I started thinking.

    Picture it (if you dare):
    Kid riding a ‘Hot Wheels’ trike. Towing a little red Radio Flyer wagon. And in the wagon is another kid. Wearing a helmet and camo.
    With a tripod mounted, belt fed Nerf Gun.

    And, if not on a patch, then how about a T-Shirt, then? Something to go with all those ‘Kalashnikitty” T-Shirts out there.
    If nothing else, it might make a few liberals pee their pants, I guess.

    (Okay, I confess. I have a twisted sense of humour.)

  3. TFB2 says:

    First off, I personally think a tactical trunk monkey would win, but only because the short bus door gunner would be distracted…oh, and the hot wheels trunk monkey idea is frickin’ brilliant.

  4. Alternatively, it is very funny to watch a 250 pound man fall clumsily, only
    to land face first in a mud puddle. S’mores Stuff (chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallow) & Skewers for roasting the marshmallows (toddlers should always be supervised when around flames or sharp instruments). What I loved the most about these types of adventures was what I could see.

  5. Pam Crowder says:

    Hi, You folks seem to be really in the know about the these things (belt fed Nerf gun?) Anyway, all kidding aside momentarily, I have a question. Need some advice. I understand the usual reference to short bus door gunner means the gunner has some challenges – correct? I have a military friend who has been a true advocate for physically/mentally challenged people and especially now for returning IED brain injured vets trying to recover. Would one of these patches be a good gift to thank him for being a protector and advocate “door gunner” for this group or would it be only a confusing twist on the meaning and in bad taste. No reason you should know the answer, I’m just looking for feedback on the idea. Thanks, Pam

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