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Osprey WEAPONS and VANGUARD Books on Sale

Until the end of October, Osprey publishing is offering 25% off their WEAPON books and VANGUARD titles (from the Osprey website), including the option to preorder books that aren’t even out yet.

About the WEAPONS Series: “In this new series Osprey Publishing looks at the most important, famous and infamous weapons throughout history. Using a combination of photography and classic Osprey artwork, this series examines the full story of each weapon, beginning with its design and development, following through its operational history, and finally analyzing its impact on warfare and violence.”

New Vanguard books include detailed looks at the ships of the Anglo-Dutch Wars of 1652-74 to the LAV-25.

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One Response to “Osprey WEAPONS and VANGUARD Books on Sale”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Now if Squadron/Signal would just have a sale.

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