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Tank Dog

Tank Dog could be the ultimate combination of dog and machine, blinding his enemies with cuteness before decimating them with a well-aimed shell. Or, it could just be a Halloween costume. Yeah, we’ll just go with the later.

Youtube Channel: darkbluedrew

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One Response to “Tank Dog”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    Tank Dog:
    CREW: One
    WEAPONS SYSTEMS: One turret mounted 45. Cal rifled main gun.
    SECONDARY: Biological sticky landmines capable of overwhelming enemy dismounts with their terrible oder. Urine Stream Anti-Infantry system.
    Sonic Bark, Non-leathal, just really annoying.

    Tank Dogs only combat deployment was an utter failure. Before even leaving the line of departure the Tank Dog platoon exhausted itself chasing members of it’s own unit around the assembly area resulting in the abuse of the Sonic Bark System, much to the annoyance of area commanders. In one instance a male Tank Dog attempted to ‘mount’ a female Tank Dog causing further disruptions to unit effectiveness. Army commanders will not comment on the reports of one Tank Dog,”attempting to ‘hump’ the leg’ of the Pentagon General sent to oversee the operation.

    Today, Tank Dog is only spoken about in hushed tones. The only footage of Tank Dog is a 25 second clip available on You Tube.

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