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Water Bomb Squad

I guess we’d call this a textbook example of Aquatic Ordnance Disposal and how an operator properly disposes of an Improvised Water Device. Yeah, that sounds about right.

You can own a t-shirt with this image courtesy of Glennz Tees. Not hard to see why, since EOD is easily one of the most important jobs in the military today. Not to mention it is a pretty amusing image.

Glennz Tees – Water Bomb Squad

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3 Responses to “Water Bomb Squad”

  1. JP says:

    I love it! Humorous EOD shirts are hard to come by, except for the over played “follow me…” shirt,and I hate wearing a unit t-shirt ALL the time when I want to represent. Cafepress has some now and then, but not exactly family friendly.

  2. Class03180S says:

    FYI Ordnance doesn’t have an “I” in it unless you’re talking about a law aka “a city ordinance”. Sorry…pet peeve of mine. But cool shirt.

  3. Grayson says:

    Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting in ambush…. with a Super-Soaker…..
    Ah, memories of waterfights and days gone by….
    Excellent T-shirt!

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