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Magpul PTS: Only from Spartan Imports…and the Masada is coming

We got the word from the gentlemen guys over at Spartan Imports that the upcoming Magpul PTS Masada AKM (an airsoft replica of the 7.62 x 39mm variant of the Magpul Masada) is on the way and will be available in time for Christmas. If you’re into MilSim at all you probably already know who Spartan is, but if not then you should check them out. They’re a family operated MilSim Airsoft operation out west (in California, in fact, though try not to hold that against them). They are the sole authorized distributors of PTS by Magpul: PTS is Professional Training & Simulation, which was established in 2007 to meet the high demand for airsoft-compatible Magpul accessories. For those of you who use airsoft weaponry as a training tool, this allows for realistic and accurate weapons and attachments for your scenarios and other training iterations. Of course, they look good for civilian sport use too. As Magpul says, “By maintaining the same basic form and function as Magpul weapon components, PTS equipment allows users to safely practice drills and perform scenarios without the use of live weapons or ammunition.”

Spartan Imports is the only US distributor of Magpul PTS products (including all accessories, the ACR /Advanced Combat Rifle, and the FPG/Folding Pocket Gun). Now, these guys can be overachievers…personally we blame the boss, though it’s entirely possible his little brother is equally to blame. Anyway, because of that you have several related Facebook pages to check out:



Here are some pictures of PTS furniture on a good training weapon. Stay tuned if you want to see some info and pictures of the Masada (they’re already carrying rails and some other pieces for it). There are a few out but we’ve been promised some additional shots. More to follow. Here are some shots of the Magpul Professional Training & Simulation kit:

4 Responses to “Magpul PTS: Only from Spartan Imports…and the Masada is coming”

  1. JonMac says:

    Masada? Why are they still using that name when they relinquished both the rights and the name (ACR)?

  2. Airsofter says:

    As far as I remember the airsoft replicas are still patterned on the Masada and do not include the changes made by Remington in the ACR.

  3. Craig says:

    Now if Magpul and Bushmaster could actually put out their 7.62×39 ACR I might actually buy one. Guess I’ll have to settle for the Spartan AKM instead. Dont play Airsoft but Training will be nice.

  4. Spektre says:

    Airsoft GI has had these for a while. Some from Magpul and others from third parties.

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