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Created by Athena Means, long-time gun owner and participant in practical shooting sports, GunGoddess.com is a website that caters to women shooters with a line of female-centric products. To quote the owner herself: “My feeling is, there’s no reason why women shooters can’t kick ass just as well in pink as in OD green!”

GunGoddess deals primarily in originally designed apparel, bullet casing jewelry, range and firearms bags, concealed-carry purses, and firearms accessories, most of which can be found in bright colors and/or leopard print. The site will soon be offering apparel and accessories for younger shooters. Also to come is a section on women’s firearms training courses and shooting clubs around the country.

Besides GunGoddess, there’s also GunfighterWear, which offers a similar selection of products intended for males such as apparel, bullet casing jewelry, range and firearms bags, and firearms accessories. GunfighterWear products are designed with more subdued and traditional colors and styles when compared to the big sister brand.



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