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Grunts: God Loves the Infantry…

…but surely even He has to shake his head at them once in a while, right? We’re not sure who took the original photo. We got it from the Mad Duo at Breach-Bang-Clear. At least two of their crew of “minions” are or were grunts, so presumably they empathize with that particularly profane and irreverent sort of humor..since Tactical Fanboy is a big fan of Ernie Pyle and Bill Mauldin, we kinda get it too.

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6 Responses to “Grunts: God Loves the Infantry…”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    Infantry problem solving 101. Given an all male isolated environmental condition combined with hard work, long hours, and harsh weather what do you do?
    Answer: Build giant dick out of snow. No snow? Draw dick pictures all over the inside of any and all shitters located in a 20 mile radius. And break things.

  2. TFB2 says:

    lol that is a perfect analysis red2alpha73!

  3. ParatrooperJJ says:

    Definitly Marines…..

  4. La Muerte says:

    Haha, Thats funny!!!

  5. Grayson says:

    The most frightening words you will ever hear a Marine say: “We’re bored, sir”.

  6. Jonnysmokes says:

    These are not grunts these are lazy ass admin bitches with all the worlds time on their hands. Grunts fight and die for their country, these losers Carry the name Marine and shit on it.

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