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Pulp Fiction in Mos Eisley » 317539_10150415394639303_692629302_8267590_677426264_n

One Response to “317539_10150415394639303_692629302_8267590_677426264_n”

  1. M says:

    Funny graphic, but nonsensical, including title.
    1. Jango Fett was dead before Darth Vader wore the suit, therefore it must be Boba Fett. However, they’re both using Jango’s pistols.
    2. Darth Vader would never use a pistol.
    3. Darth Vader would never return to Mos Eisley since it’s on Tattooine, where his mother died. That’s why he never went there in Episode IV when searching for the Death Star plans.

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