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Female Doorkickers in China?

Here’s something you don’t see every day, especially if you’re from Chengdu. Okay, that’s a lie. We have no idea what you would see ever day in Chengdu, but we’ll bet it’s not this. Still…are they really “special forces” or are they a police tactical unit, or is this just some kind of cool photo opportunity? In fairness, they might be very professional and very well trained, and just as unhappy about parading about in a dog and pony show as a lot of people will be happy to mock them.

Read more about China’s lady doorkickers. There’s a video in there too, which might make more sense if you speak Chinese.

They’re like…an Asian shield maiden unit.

4 Responses to “Female Doorkickers in China?”

  1. Nick Pacific says:

    When I was over there last winter I did see a couple of women working next to men in tactical units. They were not this pretty, though.

  2. DD says:

    I don’t know about you guys but I’d be juuuuussst a little put off shopping if I were to see male or female tactical units “patrolling the streets” and checking IDs with assault rifles… even if it is just a demonstration. I’d prefer plans clothes police and regular uniformed armed cops with pistols and doughnuts. Just sayin’

  3. Jed Eckert says:

    Let’s not forget that China is still a COMMUNIST country. So this type of state sanctioned intimidation is expected. As much as our own country uses China for manufacturing of goods, it’s still a repressive government who executes many of its own people. Also, they are the biggest military threat against America. Keep that in the back of your mind when shopping and the label says “Made In China” I’ve been trying my hardest to buy American or and other free country!! Long Live FREEDOM!

  4. HinVan says:

    It’s a public relations exercise, not unusual in China. The local govt. rolls out their shiny new team to show it’s protecting the people and subtly exercising authority. You don’t see this very often. In reality, most Chinese city Police are unarmed, and even if they carry pistols/shotguns, they may not carry the ammunition for it. The paramilitary Police and Army are used for specific functions and generally discreet within the provincial cities.

    Many Chinese expect their government to extend an umbrella of protection and care over them – this is the system in which they have grown up, so they welcome a strong show of security. Don’t forget also, that Chengdu is in Sichuan, and close to recent protests in the Tibetan sphere. The Chinese will no doubt be less well informed of the issues, but well informed of the ‘separatist unrest’ which may even be conflated with the brutal July 2009 riots in Xinjiang which killed 200 people.

    Anyway, a smart and sexy PR ready SWAT team looks good for the local govt and the local people like it, even though to us it looks like a clown show. I’m not sure about the training – exercises shown on TV are even more funny, like jumping through burning hoops and staged events. Very similar to the Russian shows. When it comes to the real thing, the Police often show a hamfisted approach, undertrained in soft control and resort to blunt tactics. They don’t mess round though – they shot a hostage taker in a Carrefour a couple of years ago when they drew him out with some noodles they’d left him.

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