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Tactical Fanboy Gift Idea #141: Sure Shots Gear

Like to shoot? Like girls? Like girls who like to shoot? Perhaps you’re a girl that likes to shoot? In the interest of open-mindedness, maybe you just like to dress like a girl who likes to shoot. Anyway, you should go look at the store recently set up by the Austin Sure Shots, an all-female shooting league in the Lone Star State. Yes, there are some shirts and hoodies in there suitable for males. You might also check them out, if you’re a female shooter in Texas. They train in a couple different locations, once a week, and they do more than just spend time on the range. They do IDPA, rifle work, tactical drills and concealed carry stuff, plus bring in SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) on things like post-shooting psychology, legal issues pursuant to shooting in self-defense, etc.

So, now we’ve helped with some of your shopping ideas. Tell the nice ladies that Tactical Fanboy sent you, and be polite. A  lot of them are probably more dangerous than you are (plus they’re hawt).

We really like the Keep Calm and Keep Firing shirt, and not just because there are boobs involved. It’s a good mantra. Gotta keep your mental acuity under stress to prevail in a fight.

Check out the Sure Shots Apparel Store. You can learn more about them on Facebook.


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