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TFB Gift Idea #202: SAR-GT Eclipse Knife [$40]

SAR Global Tools has a nice little ESAR type tool (well, ESAR if you’re the one lost) called the Eclipse. Many of you will have already heard of it. The Mad Duo talked about it over on Kit Up! and it’s been reviewed in a number of places. Anyway, they have another version that has a little emergency blade on it as well. Check out the SAR Eclipse Signal System/knife (SESS/k). For about $50 with shipping you can get one for anyone that goes out shooting, hiking, backpacking, camping, canoeing, OWSing (just kidding), geocaching, whatever…and, since a lot of the cool kids (and even cooler kids) are doing it, you add a little more bit of realism to your MilSim kit. Here’s what Marsec has to say about it. This is the manufacturer’s explanation of the original and here it is on Facebook.

We tried to find a picture of a hawt chick signalling for help in a skimpy outfit, but apparently a lot of hawt chicks have either never heard of the Eclipse or they’re just not bright enough to use it (no offense to any hawt chicks that have gotten lost).

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4 Responses to “TFB Gift Idea #202: SAR-GT Eclipse Knife [$40]”

  1. TF,

    Thanks so much for putting this out there. Wish you, your family and crew a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.


  2. swordpoint9 says:

    Great Stocking Stuffer
    Spencer Hits another one out of the Park !

  3. Jason Keosian says:

    This little tool rocks and Spencer makes some really cool stuff .

  4. mike says:

    lol even cooler kids are from the Matrix. The guy on the far left shows up on /k/ often enough. Thanks for making me aspirate coffee this morning!

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