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Gratuitous Hot Girl with Gun

Tactical Fanboy's Gratuitous Hot Chicks with guns (sniper girls)

Tactical Fanboy loves hot chicks with guns, especially sniper girls.

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6 Responses to “Gratuitous Hot Girl with Gun”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    Those uniforms don’t look like they offer much protection from the elements or insects.

  2. Jaythedeuce says:

    Can we get these made into posters?

  3. MSgtSpalding says:

    That’s December from the 2011 Hot Shots Calendar.

  4. Allan says:

    Very nice shot but it seems parts of those girls are invisible like in the chest and groin area. As if they are blending into the background.

  5. diako says:

    عجب جيگراين

  6. Hacking|Pk HaXoRS|5IL3NT H4CK3R…

    […]Gratuitous Hot Girl with Gun « Tactical Fanboy[…]…

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