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Real Steel: Learn to Field Strip a Glock

Need to learn how to field strip a Glock? Ashley will show you. Below are the directions to do so, courtesy of Eye Handy.


Step 1


Remove the magazine to your gun and safely make sure there are no rounds in the chamber. Once Cleared, safely dry fire your gun.

Step 2


Use your right hand to hold the top back of the gun in between index finger and thumb. Squeeze and slightly pull the slide back. Use your left hand to pull down the slide lock on both sides of the gun. Push the slide forward so it slides off the frame.

Step 3


Push forward on the recoil spring so it pops out of the slide.

Step 4


Remove the barrel from the slide.

Step 5


Dip your cleaning brush in gun solvent and begin scrubbing the inside rails of your slide. If you have a two sided brush with a skinny end, use this side to get into the grooves.

Step 6


Scrub the barrel’s opening, removing any carbon build up.

Step 7


Do the same for the inside top of your frame, focusing on the metal slide points.

Step 8


Scrub down the outside of the barrel as well as the recoil spring.

Step 9


Dip a long bristled brush into your solvent. Slide down the inside of your barrel from breach to muzzle. (This means in the direction the bullet fires out of your gun.)

Step 10


Change out the bristle for a patch holder. Insert a square, 100% cotton patch into the holder. Slowly slide the patch through the barrel, breach to muzzle, until it is clean.

Step 11


Add a few drops of gun oil to a new patch and wipe down the outside of the barrel.

Step 12


Using a new patch, wipe down the inside of your slide.

Step 13


Repeat this process for the recoil spring.

Step 14


And lastly, the top of your frame.

Step 15


Grab the bottle of oil and place one drop on to these three points of your frame.

Step 16


Piece your gun together by first turning your slide upside down and load the barrel muzzle first.

Step 17


Pop in the recoil spring so the balled end is in the hole near the muzzle

Step 18


Place the slide at the front of the frame and slide backwards, caulking it in place.

Step 19


Dry fire once again and slide the magazine into place. Your Glock is now ready to use. Have fun and be safe!


Watch the video if the directions aren’t sufficient.

Eye Handy has LOTS of great, informative videos for ya.

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6 Responses to “Real Steel: Learn to Field Strip a Glock”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    I think I need to stay after class for more training.

  2. Jason S says:

    Now that Hayley and Costa have left this should be the direction Magpul take their next training videos. I’d watch them.

  3. Seb says:

    Now I understand what does “Glocks are sexy” means … I need one.

  4. John M. Denny says:

    OK, so now it’s January, and I have finally seen the pistol…

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