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Magnum Tuggs

You think Paul Howe, Kyle Lamb, Travis Haley, Rob Pincus, Richard Kilgore, Angry Ranger, Chris Costa, Slim Call, Scott Reitz, Larry Vickers, Raylan Givens and Ricky from Vizual Kandi are dangerous? You don’t know dangerous until you’ve seen Magnum Tuggs.

Awesomeness and Badassedry

Tactical Fanboy recommends: Awesomeness and Badassedry, the new book from Magnum Tuggs

4 Responses to “Magnum Tuggs”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    (Voice over read by Hulk Hogan. Music bed AC/DC ‘Thunderstruck’.)
    “This fall, the new name of action and DANGER is Magnum! Magnum TUGGS, Tuggs,Tuggs…Tuggs…!”
    (Day, exterior shot)
    A primer grey 1986 IROC Z28 races down the main street of a trailer park, clouds of dust billowing behind it like the coming Apocalypse. Just before the car hits the camera it skids to a halt. We see Magnum Tuggs behind the wheel. He takes a drag off his Marboro Red then flicks it at the camera. A symbolic gesture that says ‘ I don’t care to live by societies rules. I’m my own man. Get the F out of my way
    A CGI explosion proples the book ‘Awesomeness and Badassedry’ toward us.

  2. red2alpha73 says:

    (Rats! I fat thumbed it and hit Submit Comment before I could finish my epic!)

    Hulk Hogan voice over: “Awesomeness and Badassedry by Magnum Tuggs. Read it. If. You. Dare.

  3. tenk says:

    Dem coonass betta wachout yeah! Dey gone mess wit da boudan an’ da ershtyer po-boy an’ Magnum gone make day mommas cry yeah!

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