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Combat Pocket Tee Mk. I

Gear Whore’s Anonymous just closed down preorders for their new Combat Pocket Tee (CPT) Mark I, inspired by the one “Colonel Smith” was wearing in the movie “The A-Team”. GWA, if you weren’t aware of it, is a page for all gear whores everywhere: the obsessed, the addicted and even those in recovery.

The images below are roughs made by GWA out of raw materials, so it’s not an exact portrayal.

Tactical Fanboy: Combat Pocket Tee from Gear Whores Anonymous






-American Apparel, Made in USA tee in Camel.
-2 pockets, 1 on each shoulder. Generous amount of storage.
-Left side pocket will have a pen / pencil holder.
-Coyote brown velcro on both pockets. Generous amount for patches.


Shirts will be $45 including domestic shipping. If you’re international it will cost an additional $15 for Priority Mail.

More information here.

Tactical Fanboy: Combat Pocket Tee from Gear Whores Anonymous

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3 Responses to “Combat Pocket Tee Mk. I”

  1. Mike says:

    A bit like the Tactical Distributors ‘Shooter Shirt’.


    Which by the way is the most comfortable shirt I own. I’d like to see how the Mk1 works out though. I enjoy being able to rock a morale patch under my ABU’s at work even though I’m not a zipper suited sun god.


  2. Joe says:

    So they’re sewing a pocket on the old Navy skivvie shirt

  3. Mike says:

    There’s a old photo of a real operator wearing a OD T-shirt modded with pocket sleeves and velcro panel. This idea pre-dates the lame A-team movie.

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