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Monster Rehab Green Tea + Energy


So it seems that Monster has expanded their Rehab line past the original Tea and Lemonade Arnold Palmer-esque flavor to include Green Tea*. I’m a big green tea drinker, so I had to snatch up a couple of cans the moment I saw it at the store. It has a pleasantly fruity flavor that pairs well with the tea, although it seems a bit sweeter than its predecessor (no doubt thanks to the acai berry, goji berry, pineapple juice, coconut water, and prickly pear also listed in the ingredients). It’s also 10 calories and 4g of carbs per serving [about 2 servings per 15.5 oz can], non-carbonated, and the “Rehab Energy Blend” gives a pleasant, long-lasting buzz without a major crash. If you’re ever looking for a light pick-me-up, Green Tea + Energy isn’t a bad choice.

*There’s two additional flavors of Rehab, Rojo Tea and ProTEAn, that I still haven’t seen in stores.

Monster.com – Rehab


3 Responses to “Monster Rehab Green Tea + Energy”

  1. Brick931 says:

    DO NOT DRINK THE ProTEAn, It leaves your mouth feeling all weird and tastes nasty. I got a trial case of them from a distributor and passed them out at work, nobody finished theirs, but the Rojo is awesome.

  2. Brian says:

    they also came out with a flavor called rojo tea + energy. I haven’t tried it yet but have a couple of cans in the fridge. The green tea flavor is pretty good, but I still really like the lemon. I have been a fan of the rehabs for a while now because they are non-carbonated. cheers!

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