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Fanboy Is At CES 2012!

This is Tactical Fanboy, and I’m currently walking the Consumer Electronics Show! Expect plenty of articles through Friday detailing products and events throughout the show. Speaking of which, is there anything in particular as a reader you want to see covered? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see about getting to it.

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4 Responses to “Fanboy Is At CES 2012!”

  1. Grayson says:

    Fanboy, if you leave the CES show without any pictures of hot porn stars (preferably with BIG GUNS, if you know what I mean!), then I may be forced to take drastic punitive action against you. Such as:

    Installing Windows 95 on your computer.

    Confiscating your bacon stockpile.

    Confiscating your guns, ammo and gear and donating it all to poor but well intentioned people who need to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

    Nominating you for membership in Ninja Force 17.

    Getting a picture of you and laminating it all over some Short Bus Door Gunner patches.

    Stealing your supply of Guinness (if any).

    Replacing the cooking oil in you kitchen with bacon flavored lubricant.

    Shucks, I might even stoop to saying unkind things about you.

    Seriously, Fanboy – can you possibly think of anywhere on this planet with more ladies with big guns? I want pictures, doggone it!

    I think that red2alpha73 is with me on this.
    Anybody else?

  2. Tactical Fanboy says:

    I’m not gonna lie to ya Grayson, I’ve noticed a surprising deficit of Booth Babes at CES this year. Not sure if that’s a common occurrence, or just bad luck on my part. Whatever the case, I’ve been actively searching the entire show to get as many happy snaps as I possibly can. I shall not disappoint!

  3. Grayson says:

    Thank you.
    You’re a scholar and a gentleman, sir.
    Your Guinness and your bacon shall remain off limits.

  4. V says:

    The “girls” are in the basement…seriously that is where the adult entertainment convention used to be held.

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