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Deep Sea Salvage Finds…a UFO?

Swedish treasure hunters of the deep-sea salvage company Ocean Explorer searching a classified location on the floor of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland may have found a UFO. Using a side-scan sonar they located a cylindrical object some 60 meters in diameter with a “rigid tail 400 meters long”. Apparently they also found a second disc-like shape some 200 meters away.

Could be a UFO. Could be some weird mangle of sunken ships since, you know, there are tens of thousands of sunken ships on the bottom of the Baltic, dating back to when their crews carved on each other with bronze.

Read the full story here.

Tactical Fanboy: a diver from Ocean Explorer



5 Responses to “Deep Sea Salvage Finds…a UFO?”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    I’m gonna guess it’s some kind of wreckage but how cool with it be if it was a craft from someplace else?

  2. Riceball says:

    If it’s underwater is still a UFO? Wouldn’t it be USO for Unidentified Submerged Object?

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  4. Mac says:

    Has there been any updates to the story? I have not seen anything since the TV interview in summer of 2012.

    This is very exciting. I do not think it is a UFO (or USO), if it is WOW, but what it could be is exciting enough.

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