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So I Married an Irhabist Militant

Hate Real Shallow and Vacuous Housewives of Different Cities? Us too. Here’s something a little different.

Foreign Islamist fighters poured into Somalia back in ’06 when the Ethiopian military moved in to assist former president Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed.  They were happily greeted by al-Shabaab and integrated into much of Somali society, though in August of last year many of them were expelled from Mogadishu after heavy fighting with AMISOM and TFG forces.

Somalia Report has an interview with Shuuto Juuni Mohamed, the wife of one of these fighters. Though her father says she was brainwashed, the 20-year old woman remains loyal to her banished jihadist husband.

It’s an interesting read.

Read the story on Somalia Report.

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