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Real Samurai doin’ some work

Isao Machii is something to see with a sword (though he’s so fast you really don’t see it, so to speak). Stan Lee (who we love) told us about him first. Then we found out he taught the Mad Duo (or so they claim) the week before they learned grappling from Ryan the Yeti and that just really made him a lot cooler. Seriously, if you’ve never heard or watched Isao Machii work, you need to.


5 Responses to “Real Samurai doin’ some work”

  1. Nick Pacific says:

    102 mph.
    .3 seconds until contact.
    Shooter aims for a specific spot.

    Very impressive, I just hate hyperbole. I’d be more amazed if I hadn’t already seen blind people play softball.

  2. red2alpha73 says:

    Blind people playing softball? That’s does sound impressive.

  3. Grayson says:

    This is the caliber of man who, when he walks into a room with a sword in hand, causes the whole room to go very quiet very quickly.
    Impressive is a masterpiece of understatement.

  4. doll primo reparto says:

    now try it with a dust ball!..

  5. Riceball says:

    Very impressive although they do exaggerate things a bit, while an airsoft BB is traveling pretty fast it is not moving so fast that you can not see it, that’s why they make black airsoft BBs in order to make them that much harder to see when being fired. For his next trick I want to see him do it to a real bullet, maybe some sort of suped up .22 so it’s nice and small but traveling very fast.

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