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The next incarnation of Modern Warfare 3, or DLC?

Note: it’s just a joke, but it’s a very elaborate and well done fan spoof.

Read the story of Modern Warfare: Call of Duty SWAT on BOLO Report.

Call of Duty Police Warfare, via BOLO Report

3 Responses to “The next incarnation of Modern Warfare 3, or DLC?”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    If it was made, I’d play it. Make a DLC mission based on the bank hist/get away scene from ‘Heat’. Oh, yeah.

  2. A.Lentz says:

    sorry TFB, it’s not a joke. a bunch of dedicated fans wanting something more than just a military shooter decided to pitch this concept to the CoD creative team, unfortunately it looks like this may have killed the concept now that the lawyers are involved and IP issues seem foggy. however, just this concept from the fan base is enough that other contenders will be gladly trying to produce a LE centric game type. looks like there are several games similar to this in the works but mostly based around WROL and post apocalyptic themes.

  3. david h says:

    This would be an awesome game.

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