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Hot gamer chick: Veronica Belmont’s new club

You know how much we love Veronica Belmont. Well, she’s started a new book club.

Says Veronica (who is in love with TFB Knuckledragger, though she isn’t aware of it yet):

“As if one book club wasn’t enough, I’ve joined forces with some of my fantastically geeky girlfriends (Felicia Day, Kiala Kazebee, and Bonnie Burton) for a little project called the Vaginal Fantasy Hangout. This new monthly Google+ hangout session will focus on books from the fantasy, science fiction, paranormal romance, and mystery genres. There will also probably be a little sexy-time (as I like to call it) in the stories as well, which we will discuss to great lengths (and to our great amusement).

Our first episode is up, and we also have a Goodreads group and a Facebook page! Hope you’ll join us! Next episode will tape live on Feb 27th at 8pm PST over on Felicia’s G+ page…”

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