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Man Shoots Himself Point Blank

One Glock 20 + One Hornady 200gr hollow-point 10mm round + a man willing to shoot himself while wearing body armor = massive stupidity… and this video. I was almost tempted to say this ended (surprisingly) without tragedy, but the vid itself is tragic enough to prove that statement false.

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9 Responses to “Man Shoots Himself Point Blank”

  1. John M. Denny says:

    What the hell do you say after watching that?
    I think I see a glint of bullet visible in the vest?
    I remember that guy from Second Chance used to do that, even going so far as to use a .308 against his hard shell version.

  2. kenny c says:

    was i the only one that notices the lack of eye pro/ear pro? hahaha and hes indoors. crazy dude, when i get bored i play some PS3 or go shooting. i DONT go shoot my body armor while wearing it.

  3. mike says:

    looks like it’s time to troll the 10mm goobers on /k/…

  4. Riceball says:

    Takes a real genius to shoot yourself, even with body armor on, just because you can. The best thing about this is that the idiot now has to go buy himself some new body armor because he just ruined the one that he had by shooting at it.

  5. Bly says:

    Gee, does it hurt? I bet he will still wear the vest. What a Moron

  6. John M. Denny says:

    Brings to mind “if you’re gonna be dumb, you better be tough”, or “stupid hurts”.

  7. JP says:

    MO shirt, but he sounds southern. Guess they’re finally getting ready to rise again?

  8. Christopher Mahoney says:

    What do rednecks do for fun ? Guess we all just found out and also found out how dumb some people are in this world.

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