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Bosnian Bad Ass

There are a number of real bad-asses in the world. John CreasyBarney Ross, any graduate of HoTacRichard Kilgore, Jake Call, Omar Anoke  and….

Nedzad Klicic.

Not sure what is better in this thing…the soundtrack or the dual-wielding. You might be surprised that he’s a big fan of first person shooter games like Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.


Sadly, the police in his native Bosnia didn’t much care for his training videos.

Tactical Fanboy: Bosnian Bad ass right after a deadly knife throw.

Tactical Fanboy: Bosnian Bad Ass dual wielding automatic weapons.

6 Responses to “Bosnian Bad Ass”

  1. Five Bucks says:

    The music is from the PC game Age of Empires III

  2. Kado says:

    WTF did I just watch?

  3. Regular Guy says:

    What a FAG!!!

  4. Danny says:

    Ha Ha Haaaa!!!

  5. Gaydar is Beeping says:

    The cops were probably ashamed he called himself Bosnian

    But seriously, knife throws?

  6. John M. Denny says:

    Someone should really tell him Schwartzenegger already did “Commando”.

    If he had any balls left after the steroids, he would have eaten that snake. raw.

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