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MSE’s Bushman: Commentary on a poser

There’s some new MilSim drama going around about a new poser in the industry. I thought I’d make a comment on it, only because I know a couple of the people at MSE (MilSim Event). The problem is that a supposed member of MilSim Event, callsign Bushman, said he was with either with the Rangers or Special Forces or both and apparently also claimed he was “deep cover” with the CIA and even told folks at SHOT Show that he was with Delta.


Here’s the thing though, like it or not: any group. ANY group, is going to have its share of douchebags and perpetrators of assclownery. I don’t say this to excuse this ‘Bushman’ character, because frankly I think he’s a tool…triply so if he did indeed claim to be something he’s not (several friends whose opinion is absolutely to be trusted advised he’d told them he was “with Delta”). I’m inclined to believe he’s a douche, though I can’t prove it.

Let’s also clarify: Bushman was never a part of the previous MSE staff. He promoted MSE and was at SHOT with some guys who were officially on the MSE TO&E, which is part of the problem facing MilSim Event now. If this guy was indeed a poser (very likely), the fact that he was traveling around SHOT with MSE staffers inevitably gives the impression he was a formal representative of the organization. Bad judgment there, and one which calls into question whether or not at least the senior guy attending knew about the misrepresentation. Unfortunately, perception is reality. It’s the natural default assumption anyone would make, seeing him there in that company, sporting their logo…something I’m guessing infuriates MSE guys who weren’t there or didn’t know the truth of things.

Anyway, if you look at the website linked by “Lionclaws” (by repute a decent MilSim organization we’ve heard good things about, FYI), it goes a little further than accusing Bushman of being an asshat. That link, found here, talks about their “Nazi eagle” and FAA violations and whatever else, insinuating by the way it’s written that everyone at MilSim Event is an asshat. I can’t quote FAA regulations (shooting from a moving helicopter over private land may be against the law, I have no idea but I want to do it regardless), however the eagle on that patch could come from a number of sources (including the Roman legions, who for the record used it long before the Nazis)…and not everyone in MSE is an asshat.

Which of course is naturally hard to believe, because Bushman is apparently such a stunningly, stupendously serious asshat.

Make no mistake, I’m not defending Bushman or anyone that knew he was full of shit and didn’t say anything. In point of fact I mentioned that I’d heard some dubious claims therefrom and asked if he’d been vetted. Unfortunately, they apparently took him at his word.

There are douchebags in the organization to be sure, but that shouldn’t reflect on everyone in the group. I know a couple of the guys (“Frosty” and “Clutch” for instance) who are completely squared away and strongly pr0-military, guys who have never claimed to be something they’re not. I know this for a certainty, because I’ve been friends with the two of them for some time. To my mind, MSE is most grievously guilty of bad judgment and a poor choice in friends (and maybe at portions of its administrative levels being a little too condescending for its own good).

This e-mail recently went out from Lionclaws, about the accused poser:

What made the above case worse is that it went on for over two years! The promoters and poser set foot on Ft. Hood, Camp Grubber [sic] and the latest in AR….and made fools of many at SHOT SHOW 2012!! (SHOT SHOW  owner also contacted). With politicians constantly attacking Airsoft, it’s NOT SMART for some to constantly find ways to draw fire to Airsoft by breaking laws and promoting posers. The same people who are skilled at posting juvenile slanders via their influenced forums/blogs and their FB pages would never STEP UP to defend the sport when politicians attack….BECAUSE THEY ARE THE PROBLEM!


Until Next Time, Mag. Out, Safety On, Lionclaws Out!”

I couldn’t say it better myself. Lots of people piss and moan about MilSim folks, and activity like this Bushman dumbass just makes the whole crowd look bad – much as his actions make MSE look bad.

So, here’s my point (you knew I’d get around to it at some point). Don’t hold all of them accountable for being asshats, or at least give them the chance to prove to you their not completely fucktarded (though hopefully the good ones learned a valuable lesson about vetting their personnel and trusting their peers from this).  Frosty and Clutch are okay. Let’s mock, castigate and lampoon the ones that deserve it.

That’s more fun anyway.

Bushman, one of the "most feared snipers around"




TAANSTAFL is a contributing editor to Tactical Fanboy with over 20 years military service and joint service instruction. If you have questions about the ongoing inanity with MilSim Event, direct them here.




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One Response to “MSE’s Bushman: Commentary on a poser”

  1. Mike Boyce says:

    I just got done watching the videos, and listening to the videos again. Although it is the funniest thing that I have ever seen, it also really pisses me the fuck off. Shane Vanaman a special forces sniper. LMFAO!!!!!! His cowardly father is, well actually was, a Vietnam draft dodger. That old perv.

    Now we have this clown, who has been a faker his entire life. He pretended to be a singer, and made a fool of himself. He pretended to be a soldier, and made a fool of himself. Now he is pretending to be a deacon at a church, and it’s just a matter of time before the insanity wins out. What a fucking freakshow.

    Next time I see you Shane, I’m going to be right in your face telling you what I know about your bitch ass. And if you have a problem with it, I’m going to bust you in your big mouth, and shatter that glass jaw of yours. Fucking faggot.

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